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High Def DMARC

Companies are made of people

Only DMARC-HD shows you how they use email.

It's all about people, not IPs

Zoom in on a vendor to identify which of your teammates are active. Then work together to bring the vendor into dmarc compliance.

Safer than RFC-DMARC

Traditional dmarc vendors rely on crude methods to identify users like blocking legitimate email vendors to see who complains. With HD, there's no need to torture your users and your bottom line by disrupting email.

Save time, save money, save your sanity

Quickly identify and contact colleagues who use email services then configure aligned mail.

Get the clarity you need &

the confidence you crave.

It's all about
Your Users!
You can see

What's never been seen before

High-definition DMARC identifies every user that is active on your domain. The unprecedented resolution can get the most complicated dmarc deployments un-stuck from p=none and ready to enforce quarantine and reject policies. 

Dig even deeper

Understand how each address is used

Looks like Barry Z is started using two additional ESPs (email service providers). Thanks to high def dmarc reporting, we won’t have to spam the whole company to see who turned on these vendors!

New ESP?
No problem!
See people, not IPs
User-centric reports
Smart people trust great tools!

Next level simplicity

Delight your marketing and customer success teams! High def DMARC shows you which of your teammates use each vendor so it’s a pleasure to work together and align their email. Who says it’s hard to enforce DMARC?