Look deeper

The Tech behind high def

Insane visibility
Zoom in, way in

Far more granular than standard dmarc, you’ll get individualized data for every user sending through monitored domains.

Layer 2
protocol enhancement

Built on top of standard dmarc and gracefully falls back where high def data is not available.

Level up
Continuous improvements​

More data from more partners as adoption increases.

Familiar XML format

Plus simpler, smarter data

Who hasn’t wished dmarc offered per-user visibility? Implementations could be so much smoother.

Forensic reports offered a temporary solution but practically no US or EU ISPs send them for fear of leaking personal data.

Enter high def dmarc where you can get similar data but providers are protected. Oh, and it works almost everywhere.

Standard dmarc:
IPs are okay...
High def dmarc:
Email addresses are amazing!

Get it

High def dmarc is primarily delivered via revolutionarily helpful control panels at a select few dmarc vendors. If you are a dmarc vendor or an end user consuming a massive amount of traditional (rfc) dmarc data, raw data may be a better fit for you.

Familiar dmarc reporting interfaces incorporating high resolution user data enable the most complex organizations to confidently enforce strict dmarc policies.

For dmarc vendors who are tired of making their clients play the guessing game about who to contact when they find unaligned vendors.